It was 18 years ago that we were shocked and overwhelmed by the attacks on New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. That day many of us were unsure of what to do next, or how to proceed in life. The plants did not pause or react, but continued on their same course. As a result, I did as well, which gave me a sense of purpose and reason to keep on going. I am grateful to them for that. The recipe of the week that day was the following. . . 

Preheat oven to 1500 degrees. Take ethnic hatred, vengefulness, greed, ignorance, single mindedness,and nationalism, and place them in a covered pot. Make sure the lid is tight. Place them in the oven and leave there until all the contents are incinerated. Discard. Meanwhile mix respectfulness, decency and freedom of thought in an open vessel. Let stand for eternity. Salt to taste.

Your bag should contain:

Delicata Squash



Radish or Ruby Streaks Mizuna

Green Beans

Lively Yellow Peppers





Leeks for weeks. Make sure you make use of them. Tubular onions, but cut them small and you won’t even notice, don’t cut them much at all and they extend like a telescope. What could be cooler. (maybe having Bill Belichick beat Don Shula for the most wins ever) 

Delicata Squash are smaller than most winter squash. Find ways to take advantage, if you’re into squash you can bake them up halved with butter, or in rings full of savory custard batter, what could be better.  Delicata skins are very tender when cooked so they don’t need to be skinned.