Let me start with the bags, so I don’t forget. If we don’t get them back, then I might get upset. We might give you veggies all wrapped up in leaves. Leaf wrapped CSA veg is hard to achieve. It’s simpler by far to fill a container that’s reusable, because plastic on everything is now inexcusable. So please bring them back, we won’t ask any questions. We will even refrain from making helpful suggestions.

It’s August, and summer’s heat has brought on some fruiting. Solinacious crops, tomatoes, potatoes no disputing the sense of intense summer they put on our palates, and grilled eggplants and huge numbers of cucumbers salads. Tomatoes with flavor, we’re not talking about the pallid and sickly crisp tomato available in the store. It’s the kind that makes you want to eat more for sure. Get them now, they are here and they are very evanescent. If you let them lay around they’ll get effervescent and unpleasant.

This week’s bag should contain: Summer Squash, Cucumbers, Radish, Eggplant, Swiss Chard, Ailsa Craig Onion, Tot soi or sen po sai., Fennel, Tomato, Purslane (red stalks, green tear drop leaves), Parsley