Autumn is upon us as we charge past the equinox. Dress warmer (with sequin socks) and go out and enjoy the last hurrahs of nature. Cold days are coming but we have a little bit of warm. Average temperatures are above the norm. Maybe that is why all those school children are striking. Futures full of climate chaos are not what they’re liking. Futures full of visionary leaders would be better, but what really matters is how we deal with the present. Leaders who are decent and prescient would be pleasant.

Let’s do our best to give all future humans a world like we inherited, or better. 

Your bag should contain:

Delicata Squash

Mixed fingerling potatoes

Lively Yellow Peppers

Carmen Peppers



Korean Hot Peppers

Cilantro or Dill


Hakurei or Purple top turnips



Delicata is an easy squash as it does not require peeling or too much chopping. 

The seeds can be rinsed and roasted for a delicious snack. Salt them before roasting.

The tomatoes are coming in from the high tunnels (greenhouses where the plants are growing directly in the soil). They are plants from modern disease resistant root stock that has been grafted to productive delicious varieties to try to get the best of both worlds.  At this point some of them are about 15 feet tall and have passed their highest supporting structure and started back down toward the ground. Hopefully the will keep up the good work.

Our last csa pick up is scheduled for October 9th - 2 weeks away.  This will be a double bag with mostly storage crops for the rest of the fall.  For those of you near the cape - we do host a late fall and winter csa with organic produce from farms in New Hampshire and Western MA.  To find out more information, please visit