Hot. So hot and then there’s the humidity. So hot it leads to distraction and stupidity. What was I doing? Something to do with picking some thing. Getting on a tractor with spinning blades might be a dumb thing.

Meanwhile the crops grow faster when it’s hotter- If we can get them enough water, so a lot of our focus is on irrigating, because our soil is sandy. In places it’s so sandy that it’s just sand, so it’s handy to have the pump running when we transplant the crops. That way at least they don’t wilt till it stops. We are almost half way through the season!  This is your friendly reminder that the second half payment is due by next week. Thank you! In your bag should be:

Summer Squash


Lettuce or Arugula and Mizuna

Black Summer Choy



Cherry Tomatoes


Beans-(please wash, soon)