When the heat goes up then moisture fills the clouds, we find something to be under when the thunder’s loud. Cumulonimbus, thunderheads can be real pretty, but when they nail your plants with hail it is a pity. We got hail in Middleboro, it was just rain at Bay End. There’s no telling when it comes or when it may end. Now June has ended and we’re in the splendid summer. (It hailed three feet in Guadalajara, Mexico, that’s got to be a bummer) Here is what you’re getting:

Joi Choi - bok choy

Lettuce (three heads in one bag)

Tot Soi (dark green bunched)

Snap Peas

Radish or Salad Turnips

Basil (with roots if you want to plant it, or keep it in water)

Squash or Zuccini




Make a giant salad for the Fourth. Everything but the summer squash and Totsoi could go in. Fennel, Cukes and Bok choy stems make good crisp salad ingredients. Snap Peas are best raw or barely cooked. Lavender is one of the herbs you have to be very subtle with, it also goes well on the dash board to make your car more fragrant.

Happy 4th of July!