Summer is here, it’s clear from the heat, and the lettuces want to go to seed and complete their life cycle, but they’re much more sweet, when they’re not old and bitter. We picked literally hundreds of heads of lettuce. Fridged them up before they bolted. Temperature drops and they’re jolted from extreme growth and change to a deep veggie slumber. You got three heads each, which is the number that you need for three bean salad, but we didn’t give you beans yet. Hope you like salad. Did you finish all your greens yet?  We grew the following things for you so far:

Mixed asian green bunch (komatsuna + Joi Choi or Black Summer choi)

Lettuce-Three in a bag


Green Kohlrabi

Winterbor Kale



Summmer Squash or Zucchini


Dill and dill flowers

The Kohlrabi is green, it’s crispy and delicious. Don’t make its freaky shape make you suspicious. The beets are dropping in. We had to pull the beets before the mice ate them all, so some of them are baby beets. They need some cooking. Boil them quick if you’re looking for an easy way to eat them. Or on the grill wrapped in foil. Just don’t leave them in the back of the fridge to spoil. Dill goes well with cucumber or yogurt as a dressing, just add a little if you’re stressing cause I’m guessing you can add dill more easily than you can extract it. If you add none I’m sure you’ll notice that you lacked it. Zeke says: “if you’re stressing about your dressing, you can use your dill to make you chill”