Deer eating carrot tops, deer eating beets, there must be some vegetable that no deer eats. 

Now we put up fencing, and hang out my sons’ cleats, cause when they get a whiff of them, deer retreat.

Deer are crepuscular, at dawn and dusk they’re active. They seem to find your organic produce attractive. 

If I was there at dusk and dawn, perhaps they’d be dissuaded. I would suggest that they’re best when they’re dressed and marinated.

We grew the following things for you so far:

 Joi Choi - bok choy

Lettuce-in a bag

Gun Sho Chinese Broccoli

Purple Kohlrabi



Sen Po Sai


Young Garlic

Scapes - the flower of the garlic plant - bunched curly stems

The sen po sai looks a bit like collard greens but is more tender in texture and flavor.  Here’s a link to a sen po sai and kohlrabi recipe:

The Gun sho is similar to Broccoli Raab, but more tender- also known as Choy sum.   Saveur website recommends blanching the greens and adding a garlic soy sauce over the greens.