Kofi Ingersoll

Kofi Ingersoll was born in Ghana. He grew up in Cambridge and spent his summer vacations at the Cape, on the farm, working in the garden to avoid working in the barn. He majored in Chinese language and literature at Umass Amherst, with a minor in eating Chinese food. He returned to Bay End Farm in 1998 to attempt to continue the family farming tradition and create a lifestyle that resembled his summer vacations.

Erin Koh

Erin Koh has been farming with husband Kofi Ingersoll since 1999.  Her previous working experience as a server at the Blue Room and East Coast Grill, a modern dancer, and a massage therapist provided little to help with the learning curve of organic vegetable production.    With much help from friends and family, she and Kofi have worked to build the farm to serve 100 csa members from the Cape to Cambridge and open the farm stand for the local community in and around Bourne.  She hopes her children will someday love the work of the farm as much as they love the snap peas and cucumbers they pick at the farm!