First CSA 2018, June 6


Thanks for joining the Bay End Farm CSA. For some of you this is your first CSA letter ever, for others this is yet another note from me in a long chain of notes stretching back farther than any of us would care to admit. As a brief introduction for the new folks, this is the letter I use to explain what is going on here at the farm, while attempting to be both amusing and eloquent, trying to sound intelligent while saying what is relevant. 

We have new hands on the farm and the old hands are older. Our kids are getting too old for scolding and they’re bolder. The winters get real cold and the springs are colder. 

We have a new tractor on the farm this year, an allis-chalmers G. The engine’s in the back so in the front we’re free to see all the weeds that need controlling.  It goes slower than strolling, but starts every time and so far it keeps on rolling. 

This first bag is small, a small bag of leaves.  I believe we will achieve better so you won’t grieve your decision to participate when the season’s ended. We respect your money and it’s splendid that you spend it with us, to support a local farm.

July 13

July has brought more rain than June. It’s hot, then cold, then hot real soon. In the greenhouses we swoon. We work full tilt, and start to wilt, like lettuce that was cut at noon.  The weed free farm we have is gone. It’s weedy now, not like a lawn, but rough with long straight rows of dirt.  Where the tractor drives, the weeds get hurt. The plants are taller, topped with flowers, where butterflies and bees can flirt.  We’re tiring now, but not exhausted, like we’ll be when it has frosted.  To do lists grow until the fall, when there is no time to plant at all. For now there’s planting, picking, weeding, working in the greenhouse seeding flats to transplant three weeks later. Hopeful we’ll get tomatoes.

Happy birthday to our daugher Maya, arrived 6 years ago today on a Tuesday before our CSA/restaurant delivery day - oy. 

this weeks bag should contain: Black Summer Choy, Basil, Lettuce X2, Peas, Cucumbers, Summer Squash or Zucchini, kohlrabi - eat raw with olive oil and salt, Fennel, Kale, Hinona Kabu turnips - purple and white or haikurai turnips, Garlic, Sen Po Sai- large collard like green- only much more tender!

Sen po sai is a great tender leaf to saute with fresh garlic.  The turnips are great for pickling.  Fennel is awesome sliced thin into salad, grilled, or fried quickly in olive oil. The stems make great stirring sticks and the leave make a great wig.

Welcome Summer!

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